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Weekend Recap: 2022 CCM Nations Cup

United States-Canada Rivalry Reignited in Spectacular Fashion  

North America’s most unique tournament returned to its roots this year. Due to travel restrictions, the 2021 CCM Nations Cup transitioned to an East versus West duel. This year the 2022 CCM Nations Cup was able to return to its United States versus Canada format.


Teams arrived and were fitted in their nation’s colors as they hit the ice representing their country. The round robin matches were in place to determine seeding and home ice advantage. Once seeded, all teams faced their equal seed from across the border where every team had an opportunity to earn points for their nation’s total. The country with the most points at the conclusion of all division games takes all. 


The final playoff consisted of 62 total games across the seven divisions, resulting in the United States being victorious in four divisions and Canada in three. Continue reading to see who was the champion in every division.


2013 Division

United States (6-2-0) 21

Canada (2-6-0) 15


The lower seeds took care of business for the United States. Though the United States was undefeated entering the final two matches, Canada was ready to push back in the most valuable matches. Canada won these two games, but that wasn’t enough to surpass the points that the other American teams had banked in the early matches. The United States secured the 2013 Division Championship.


2012 Division

United States (6-2-0) 29

Canada (1-11-0) 7


As the three seed match concluded, the United States held a strong 14-7 lead. Canada’s only hope was relying on the Oakville Rangers AA Blue (2nd seed) and Streetsville Tigers (1st seed) to both win. The Carolina Stars (2nd seed) and the Wilmette Jr. Trevians (1st seed), of the United States, had different plans. The Stars and the Jr. Trevians won their final matches and secured the 2012 Division Championship for the Stars and Stripes.


2011 Division

United States (11-1-0) 71

Canada (1-11-0) 7


Consisting of 24 teams, the 2011 Division was the largest. Twelve matches took place to determine the winning nation, and the United States took the early games and did not look back. The Burlington Eagles were the only Canadian team able to stop the Americans from sweeping. 

2010 Matthews Division

Canada (4-2-0) 16

United States (2-4-0) 5


With two matches to go, the 2010 Matthews Division was an even split. Two wins each. Five points each. Canada’s London Jr. Mustangs (2nd seed) and LaSalle Sabres (1st seed) would decide the stalemate versus the United State’s Compuware (2nd seed) and PSM Force (1st seed). These final two games would determine the champion. Both games ended in a 1-0 shutout victory in Canada’s favor, resulting in the 2010 Matthews Division championship belonging to the North.

2010 McDavid Division

Canada (4-4-0) 21

United States (4-4-0) 15


Though the third through eighth seed matches split evenly, the Canadians held a 13-8 lead. With 15 points available in the final two matches it was sure to be tightly contested. The Hyland Hills Jaguars edged out the Oakville Rangers – Red by the final score of 4-3. This victory put the United States in the lead 15-13 while the one seed game was in the final stretch. The Ashburn Xtreme and the Toronto Eagles were locked in one of the tightest duels of the day, and it came down to a shootout. One by one, coaches send players over the wall to take their best shot in a winner take all shootout. With the final shot taken, the Toronto Eagles secured the one seed victory and propelled the Canadians to glory as the 2010 McDavid Division Champions.

2009 Division

Canada (7-4-0) 46

United States (4-7-0) 20


The final playoff for the 2009 division consisted of 11 matches, and with four games to go, the United States was in the lead 20-9. Even though the lead seemed large, Canada needed to win the more valuable higher seeded matches. The Kitchener Rangers (4th seed), Aurora Tigers (3rd seed), Caledon Hawks (2nd seed), and Toronto Eagles (1st seed) all ensured the Great White North wasn’t going down easy. All four collected wins and elevated Canada to become the 2009 Division Champions.

2008 Division

United States (4-5-0) 25

Canada (5-4-0) 20


The Oakland Jr. Grizzlies (United States) and the Waterloo Wolves (Canada) were watching the number three seeds compete as they anxiously waited for their number one seed playoff match. The United States collected the three seed victory giving the United States the 16-11 lead. As the Grizzlies and Wolves were stepping on to the ice, the two seeds were already underway. With a combined 17 points (9 for one seed victory and 8 for two seed victory) up for grabs, Canada would need two wins to secure the championship. The end was nearing in a tight one seed game, when news broke that the Soo Jr. Greyhounds narrowly defeated the Ashburn Xtreme. At this point Canada took the lead and it would all come down to the final game between the top two seeds. One goal was the difference. The Jr. Grizzlies defeated the Wolves 2-1 and earned 9 additional points and secured the 2008 Division Championship for the United States.

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